Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pillows Covers

I've wanted to make pillows for my back yard for some time. Being the one that usually doubts her abilities I took the plunge. Finding material to give it a try would be my first challenge. I did not want to pay much for fabric. Knowing that outdoor fabric can be costly, I decided that I would not be picky when it came to color choices. I did have a couple of stipulations. The material had to be a remnant from the clearance section and machine washable. What do ya know, there were only two pieces of outdoor fabric to choose from, both happen to be blue with strips; one was machine washable the other was dry clean only. I do have a few blue lawn ornaments and the hammock is near the pond. Decision made. Boy that was fast. Isn't it nice when it all comes together like that.The total cost $3.32. Not bad. I already had the thread and buttons so I think I did pretty well with this project. I am curious to know how much these little pillows would have cost had I purchased them. I am truly inspired to tackle some bigger projects now.

I did use ideas from The pillow with the buttons was my idea and made up pattern although I'm sure someone has a real pattern out there for a pillow cover with buttons.

This picture shows both pillows. The button pillow is basically a pillow case idea with the buttons added for interest and to keep the little pillow securely in place. The other pillow is an envelope style pillow case using a pattern from the website mentioned above. Years ago I purchased travel pillows for our family. They are now inside the new cases.

My son.