Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years's Eve 2010

We were so happy to have all the kids home for the Holidays this year. With Ruth home from Japan for a couple of weeks and an overwhelming consciousness to enjoy all the togetherness we could since Jack will still be at "Basic Training" with the Marines come this time next year.
It was such a wonderful sense of all being right while she was home. All longings laid to rest knowing she was sleeping in the next room. Being able to touch her skin, hear her voice sing, laugh speak next to my ear or be silent in a room together is a sweet balm to my heart recall the memory.
There are so many deep feeling to parenting that cannot be expressed no matter the language I presume. Presuming since there may be a language that is able to express that deep ache in the middle of your throat that jerks tears clear out of your eyes with little to no control at the mere thought of that child so many miles away.
I am ready to sell my home and all earthly possessions in order to have plenty of monies to go see my dear ones. To be close to them for another day. To build on the relationship to have memories to share. Memories that come with being together.
How will my heart survive two gone at the same time.

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firefly said...

Hi Becky,

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