Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Project Party

I am excited about my first blog party. Everyone was invited over to the Sugar Plum Cottage for a Party.
If you would like to see what others have been busy doing today then hop on over to

As you can see I have been busy putting a little spring in my home. This is one side of the armoire that is in our family room. Although pink and blue are not the colors that I use in that room these plates just say Spring. They are the plates that I have used for years on Easter Sunday morning for our breakfast.

We have enjoyed this ostrich egg for several years. It was given to my daughter at a farm tour. Do you like the letters that I found on my craft shelf. I know it is a little hard to see, it spells out spring.

Isn't that little birdie cute. A thoughtful friend gave it to me, she loves to give gifts and this one is especially sweet. This birdie reminds her of a funny story that I shared with her that happened to me in my early married years. Maybe I'll share it with you one day.

As you can see I like to use the lamb for Easter decorating. It is truly symbolic to us of the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world for each of our sins.

I did some other projects today that I will share at another time. Now it is date night and I am looking forward to sharing a wonderful evening with my husband just catching up on the day.

Have a wonderful evening and as always,
Keep Sweet,


Sugarplum Cottage said...

Oh how I love all this white stoneware. Thank you so much for joining us today in Project Friday. This is my fourth week of PF and already I've learned several new things. Scroll back several post and you'll be able to read what it's all about. Hugs, Rosemarie

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, love your touches...just wonderful.

Happy Project Friday.


Our Back Porch said...

Thanks for sharing. Your armoire is so springy! Glad you joined the party. Nice to meet you. Hope you can come by for a visit.

Back Porch Blessings,

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

What a lovely spring display. Happy Project Friday!

Hugs :)


April said...

This is a beautiful spring display. Your Easter plates are adorable. Thank you for your sweet comment on my project.

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Becky you have a wonderful display, don't feel embarressed. You showed us how to decorate with white dishes, I love white, the simplicity is so charming to me. Remember the possibilities are endless as to the projects you can do. I look forward too you joining me again for Project Friday. Hugs, Rosemarie

Lady Katherine said...

Love the soup tureens and the lamb is my favorite! For I use to raise sheep.

Anonymous said...

Love your redecorate on your armoire...Love the white...It's remind me of purity and simplify! SPRING! It's also remind me of Jesus as our Savior who sacrifice his life for us...Resurrrection Day....I love the color White...Those white treasure you have are beautiful. Welcome to Project Friday...I am late commented..better late than never. Thanks for your prayers. Kandi is feeling much better...Thanks for your sweet comments...have a wonderful week...katherinellen.

Lady Katherine said...

I would love for you to join me for My Birthday Tea Party,April 5th. I can't wait to see your Tea Party. I still love your white dishes! I want to find some this year!

Ruthie said...

I love this mom! i love my egg at the top and i love what you did to it :) i love that egg... all the white probably looks real definitive in that room with all the dark furniture. i wish i could see this in real life.. but this is a great second best :) im glad you're on here now :D love you miss you.