Saturday, March 14, 2009


My kids seem to be all grown and wanting to fly from the nest. I suppose that is the plan and I am going along with it most days. One daughter has spread her wings and flown around the world and is making a little nest of her own in Japan. My eldest daughter is recouping in her old nest after being on a cruise ship for a year and a half serving vacationers. Then there is my boy finishing up school and letting us know in his own way that he is ready to make his way in this world.

Are you there yet? People often ask "What are you going to do now that your nest is emptying out"? Honestly, there is so much more to the nest. It is truly an ongoing quest in making a home a place of peace and beauty. There is a lot of inspiration out there in blog world from those that are gifted home decorators, frugal shoppers and just happy home makers.

I do have little ones that comes to my home now and then. The little guy in the above picture comes over most days of the week. His momma needed a helping hand. He has filled our home with love and laughter. As you can see he loves to get into my pantry. He gets a box, any box, and empty's the contents. Of course he shares this treat with our dog. My husband has since helped me out by securing that door with a lock. Thank you Mr. Fix-it. Less messes for me to clean up.

Investing in little ones is like storing up heavenly treasurer. I like to think that I am blessing their momma and giving that little one a little nugget of hope and faith to take through life. Not that their own parents are not doing the same.

Do you like the little bags one of my little friends made for her family? She told her mom that they can put them in their underwear drawer. She was excited to make these little bags filled with potpourri and popcorn mixed with refreshing oil. Simple you say. Yes, I know, but, that did not matter to her. She was very pleased with her accomplishment. It does not have to take much time or money to make a little person happy.

These little hands and feet make life all the sweeter. At times a grown-ups life can be filled with too much "stuff", you decide what that is. Taking time to share life with little ones can put perspective right back where it belongs. They likely will listen to your stories and help with tasks. They will make your heart light as your ears ring with the sound of laughter, only to realize that it is you laughing your head off. Who ends of really help whom?

So, although I am enjoying this new phase of our life, the emptying nest. It is a wonderful adventure rediscovering my man. I really like the maturer version of him. Grey hair and beard to boot. It is rewarding to share what we have with others even if the others are little ones that take the energy right out of ya.

The mission field is not always so far away. Do you agree?

Keep Sweet, Becky


Becky said...

This is a test comment. I learned through another source that some are saying that they are unable to post comments.

Anonymous said...

hey mom i like your blog. keep it up. love you lots!

Becky said...

Thank you for your lovely comments.

Joy said...

Hi Becky!
I just might take you up on the frames in the mail idea. ;~)
Doesn't it constantly amaze you how quickly time passes and children grow? Why didn't we listen to the older people that told us this when our children were young?
I guess that's what it means to live and learn.

Becky said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comment... time does pass quickly and I am thankful for the moments that were captured... I fear that I the times that I fail to remember are the times that I was busy thinking about some out of the house "important" thing of the moment, that ended up not being important at all.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Soon! That time is right around the corner for me. My daughter is 17 and will be going to college next year. I'm hoping she chooses one in Georgia so she'll be close by but her first choice is in Florida (not so far away but still not "dropping in" distance).


Anonymous said...

Becky, I left you an answer to your question on my blog. Take care!

Becky said...

Groan, I feel for you Manuela~ Maybe you and your DH will be investing in one of those Florida cottages by the ocean.
Can you believe that our 24 year old still asks us,"What do you think?" And often says "Thanks for homeschooling us." I do feel honored.

Tracey McBride said...

Hi Becky, I love your title, and what wonderful words of wisdom about life. I still have Rosie (16) at home. the older two have flown away but come back quite often, which is a blessing, and Katie may be heading back for a few months between moves (always a pleasure for all of us as she's such a sweet spirit). Thank you so much for sharing, and I agree very much that the home keeping and nesting doesn't stop after the kids begin to grow up. I've noticed that they need parenting/counseling almost as much, if not more, when they're in high school and (sometimes) beyond. Most of the time they ask for it...sometimes I offer it unsoliticited :-). I know that, even if it seems they aren't listening, what I say will sink in and pop up later (hopefully, when it's much needed). Thanks so much for the nice comment on our blog.

Ruthie said...

<^.^> i love this: They will make your heart light as your ears ring with the sound of laughter, only to realize that it is you laughing your head off.

and this: I really like the maturer version of him.

<^.^> there's a lock on the pantry now??? good grief that baby boy is changing my house! :) that picture is classic though :) rascal sure does love having baby boy around doesn't he?

and lol about your little friend :D i can guess who that is.. :) what a doll :) does she go to your church too? i can't remember..

Becky said...

Thank you for your lovin' comments.(smile) They do mean so much to me. (sigh)
My little friend does not attend our church. They go up north to college park... we are attending Grace Bible.