Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring for the mantle

I decided to try my hand at decoupaging an egg to add to my spring decorations. This is not my own idea. I found it somewhere along the way.

I started by blowing out three eggs. I poked a hole in both sides of each egg. I used a tack. The kind you might use on a bulletin board. Notice, there is a small hole on one side and a slightly bigger hole on the other. You will blow through the small hole and the contents of the egg will come out of the larger hole. I did add a little bleach to disinfect the egg and let it set out over night to air dry. You can google "Egg Blowing" to get instructions on how to do this if you have never done it before.

I gathered the supplies that I would use. Do you see the stamps? Yeah... I thouht that since stamps were the right size I could use them for this project. Maybe I'll try it again sometime, however I was not getting the look I wanted for this spring project. The ink ran and well it just looked a mess. The ribbon turned out looking nicer. The ink did not run and the wrapping paper was a little more pliable.
I took time to cut out the bows from this wrapping paper. I chose this paper because Iwanted to use supplies I already had on hand.
Instead of using the brush I found it easier to use my finger to apply the mod podge and "ribbon". After squirting a little mod podge onto the foam tray I dipped my finger in and rubbed it onto the egg. Then put the "ribbon" on top of that adding more mod podge on top of the "ribbon". The nice thing is that I can store these eggs and get them out agian next year for some more decorating fun. After covering the egg with the paper I stategically placed different colored "ribbon" around the egg for visual effect.

Here is a picture of where the egg ended up. Do you see the other two eggs? I did something different with them. One was traditionally dyed the other tea dyed.
Since I already had the supplies on my craft shelf this project only cost me a little time.


Anonymous said...

Miss you this week on Project Friday...That eggs is so did a wonderful job...I did not know about the egg blowing to clean it out so you can actually have a real egg to decorate. Love your picture on the banner...I have that same pic. on my computer (photo file) It came with my computer program...The flowers dars beautiful...Feel like Spring! Thanks for stopping by last week...sorry I'm late responding back to Thank You. It's been a very busy week for me...Have a wonderful week...Kathy....PS. It not late to post the Friday Post...Love this project. :)

Lady Katherine said...

The eggs turned out great. I remember doing this with thin Japanese papers, I still have one. Great job.

Ruthie said...
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Ruthie said...

with japanese paper, eh? that sounds great.

something you found along the way ;D

this is a perfect spring egg mom. :) im glad u didnt try my ostrich egg though :D